“Man’s Law, God’s Order” – The Verdict

It is always wise at times like these to stop .. pull back.. reflect and then react. Sometimes reaction dictates outrage and other instances requires resolve. Be angry but sin not. As an attorney, I’ve critiqued the presentation of both sides- the State ( as they always do) have a lofty standard of proof to hurdle. Defense is tasked with exposing “reasonable doubt.” Among the questions of “who,” “when,” “what,” “why” and “how.” Defense had only to poke holes in the “why” and…..they effectively did just that. A young black man was killed.. and the right person was charged, defense leveled a “reasonable” account of “why”. the State did not effectively overcome their own shortcoming– the case went to a jury, the result was an acquittal- only as to the question of “why”. This is our justice system. Morality and justice most sometimes are found in different chapters of the same book. Lets be angry with the societal condition which has framed this discussion surrounding this tragedy, or even the racial lens through which we observe and cast our judgments— but sin not. Because it is not the justice system that has offended us (at least in the case). It is the poison of our conscious and subconscious prejudices which inhibit our ability to be sober in thought. before during and after a tragedy like the loss of Trayvon. Be assured, justice was undertaken. Yet, we are left to tussle with the morality of it all– now that’s an entirely different question altogether. I speak as a lawyer and father.

Phillip Dabney, Jr., Esq.


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