Family Floesy

For The Life I Live

With my tongue in cheek

And my eyes shut tight

I shall dream of the day

When black isn’t night

Where black isn’t feared

And black isn’t smoke

That chokes the life out my future

Because my race is a joke

I can’t stand the commands of a man

Who plans to hold my hand

And lead me to the quick sand

Where I should sink if I blink

If I’m not aware of who took me there

Trying to keep me chained to the confines of this madness

Where sadness overtakes gladness

And violence is as stubborn as an ass

…And is going nowhere

I dare my people to not only care

But compare our struggles with theirs

My brothers struggle for more just to settle for less

Strolling the wrong avenues in search for the best

Only to catch two slugs in the chest

Perpetrating false riches, calling women b!t₡he$

And fail to find the glitch in their own niche

So I won’t be a copycat and you can copy that

I’ll succeed in this world of greed

Live Black despite the Other man’s creed

And feed the need of a Negro’s poverty

They call us hopeless and sorry

But there’s no need for them to forgive

Because I offer no apologies for the life I live.

Jerome L. Hall


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