DDHALL’s App Spotlight…

DDHall’s App Spotight…

Photo Grid (Android, iPhone)

With Photo Grid you can make your photos collection into amazing collage.
Free collage maker and no Limitation at all.
Support 1024*1024 collage exports!

The best collage creator on Android for InstaGram


High mode, Wide mode, Free style collage, and Photo Grid

Shake or select layout to rearrange photos.

Edit Mode you can Move, Swap, Rotate, and Zoom. 

Lots of layout templates, frame and background.

Share your collage to: Facebook, InstaGram Twitter, Flicker, Picasa, Blogger, Tumblr and other social media.

photo grid

Safe In Cloud Password Manager (Android)

Protect your accounts with unique and secure passwords! Forget the headache of remembering PINs and passwords! 

Safe In Cloud is a complete PASSWORD MANAGEMENT SOLUTION: the Android app + the Windows app + the Google Chrome browser extension. Purchase the Android app and get the Windows app and the Chrome extension FREE OF CHARGE! You can install and use Safe In Cloud on any number of your devices with no extra fee.

Why Safe In Cloud? Safe In Cloud has THE HIGHEST USER RATING at Google Play Store among all password managers (with at least 500 votes). It offers you a unique set of benefits.

Enjoy an easy-to-use yet powerful user interface optimized for phones and tablets.

Your data is always encrypted (on a device and in a cloud) with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This algorithm is used by the U.S. Government for protection of top secret information. AES is also widely adopted worldwide and became the de facto encryption standard.

Your database is automatically synchronized with your own cloud account at Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, or Box. Thus you can easily restore your entire database from a cloud to a new phone (in case of loss or upgrade). Your phone, tablet and PC are also automatically synchronized between each other via a cloud.

Safe In Cloud for Windows allows you to access your data from a computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. A big display and a PC keyboard make entering information fast and comfortable. Download the Windows app free of charge at http://www.safe-in-cloud.com.

A browser is the most common place for entering passwords. The Windows app contains the Google Chrome browser extension, which allows you to paste passwords directly into web pages. So, you don’t need to manually copy and paste passwords from Safe In Cloud into Google Chrome.

The Windows app can automatically import the data from your old password manager. So, you don’t need to manually reenter all your passwords. More than 60 different password managers are supported, and if something is missing – we will add it by your request. You can also export your passwords from Safe In Cloud into TXT, CSV, or XML format.


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